Current status of the technological development is at idea stage. Mr.Vishal Sanghvi has presented this idea at program startup weekend in year 2014 at IIT Mumbai with different business model like FreeVoice, Free Money and last Free Social model. He has spent last 18 months to build team to handle existing 15 yrs old Internet Telephony business so he can devote his time into new learning. He has got insights from knowledge partners and realize final cause of bring happiness to the families so he has decided to takeoff this Social Business model which open up many other opportunities with creating value which is essential when any startup is going to change the rules of the business. He has attached with this business delicately with vision for connecting lives with noble cause in the future. Available competitive advantages, networking, learning and serving the society is in his family’s DNA which inspired him to execute this idea.
  1. We will offer responsive online market place with web presence and through mobile apps for voluntary offering. It will contain knowledge, tools and require information to apply under needy or serving community. It works as search engine for Need & Gift.
  2. Our technology will use Text translation and basic voice translation tools to fill the gap of languages. We will use Internet communication on Voice, Video and Text along with traditionally telephony to make communication effectively between any entities or individuals. Our platform also offer Digital social networking features like OTT apps.
  3. Our platform will be integrated with government authorized database or other organization valid database to verify the genuinely and show the available resources
  4. Our technology will use CRM and ERP facility to its associates like NGO and government. They can use their inventory and supply properly to the needy people in the most effective way
We have decided to start journey on this new path because we have choose for our own wish and make our life transform with full of joy. This is proprietary project initiated by Mr.Vishal Sanghvi who is witness of needy and serving community activities from his childhood in his family and society. He has also unprivileged by knowledge which was serving by many knowledge partners as Gift to him and make very important value in his life which inspire him to repeat this as possible as. We can say that currently his spirituality and team spirit will lead this revolution. Our purpose is proprietary. .

Key challenges: Building culture between all connections of this project, timely implementation of relevant technologies, Enrolling serving communities specially government and NGOs to be integrated part of this organized system
Milestone Details: We have decided to takeoff this project after receiving email from TiE silicon vally on 20th June 2015 and participate into program announced by IUSSTF ( not for eligible for the award only but also make every stage of program as milestone for execution of the project. We believe that growth comes naturally with transformation and not with transactions. We will continue this journey even we don’t qualify for the award.

We have to concern about copy right compliances only otherwise our entire project is all about educating and knowledge sharing practice only. If any need comes then we will sort it out using serving community.