We will start to build culture within organization with adopting philanthropy. With humility we can give birth to a whole new story. Humility is seen as a sign of weakness in today’s culture when in reality it is the gateway for an unparalleled and profound strength. The first doorway is the power of many. Everyone matters, and everyone has something to give. And if we organize around leveraging people’s gifts we begin to create breakthrough possibilities. We want to create a world that supports the specialness of others, and to build a community that thrives on the belief that everybody is good at something. The second doorway that humility opens is the power of one. All revenue e.g. advertisement, generated from this initiative will be available as Gift for someone. Currently we have opened the participation to be a part of this initiative and serve anything that require at initial stage or in future. There is a need to have good mentors and partners for this project. If possible then kindly confirm your participation offer by sending email to so we can add our team details in the application at before its last submission date 15th July.