Our Purpose

Our mission statement clarify about this “Bridging the Gap and making happy families”

Technology travels faster and faster, the world seems so smaller that end up with making it a global society and we as global citizens. Every global citizen is pursuing some needs that can be a very basic or can be something that can change one’s way of living. By serving these needs, one can create social capital, experience the deeper change in transformation process. There are different kinds of need e.g. food, education, care, shelter, job, learning, cloths, transport, water, health care, electricity, gadgets, protection, sanitation, inspiration and relation. “Need” are increasing due to Natural Disasters & Human made Hazards. These needs can be served by individual volunteer, government or organization. Individual volunteer can aware their service on our platform or our organization will bring those start up volunteer into our eco system and help to scaling up through digitalization and help them to connect the needy community. We address the Gap between the “need” and the “serve”. Our technologies will become bridge and get closer global communities of Needy & serving communities.
Currently individual volunteer and entities like NGO, Charitable trusts and Government is trying to serve needy. But they have their own limitations geographical, financial, lack of information and technology, creating awareness, skilled human resources to execute their mission.

Following NGOs fulfill specific need through some Gift.

www.super30.org >> Building Technical Talent
www.bridging.org >> Furniture and households
www.goonj.org>> Clothing
www.magicbus.org >> Transport service to the school kids
www.dasra.org/Mentors >> Promoting social business
www.servicespace.org >> Inspiring communities for serving
www.cry.org >> Working for children’s rights

There is no technology integration between above serving communities which can help them to use their available resources immediately. In some circumstances, needy are not serving on proper time with essential resources and also the purpose of these serving communities not being fulfilled. They also not able to verify the needy, that result the needy does not qualify for help and keep suffering with their problems.

Currently the associations between needy and serving communities are not being published with authorized data which can create credibility of their social impact.
Here the target audience referring as “needy” & “serving communities” Our needy includes all human beings from different class of society. This community is increasing every moment. Individual volunteers, NGOs, Governments and Charitable trusts are called as serving communities. We will bridge above two audience category. Initially we will connect Needy community from our home country and then expanding to other countries base on our volunteers’ participation. However we will connect serving community globally from beginning. We are happy to take opportunity to connect the needy community affected from natural disasters anytime and anywhere in the world.