Our Purpose

We will reach to the unreachable 
We aim to create a shift from consumption to contribution transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance and isolation to community.

Need” & “serve” can be raised by every class of the society. Our initiative helps both communities to connect at a deeper-level and create trust worthy environment. Our efforts  promoting  greater initiative to cooperation among nations and society  in solving global problems, such as human ethics, climate change, Rich-poor gap, population, healthcare, global peace ,unemployment, skilled education, justice and many more. Our organization will bring start up serving communities into our eco system and help to scaling up through digitalization to connect the needy communities. 

Our digital social platform will become bridge and get closer global communities of Needy & serving communities.

Our Initiative integrates between serving communities which can help them to use their available resources immediately so needy can get essential resources at proper time also the purpose of these serving communities can be fulfilled. Currently the associations between needy and serving communities are not being published with authorized data which can create credibility of their social impact.

There will be always need by anyone because nature works on its principle about create-operate and generate. Our initiative will inspire serving communities. Opportunities are hidden into below data.
Currently there are 1.82 lakh millionaire individuals in India. The number of dollar millionaires in India is set to rise by over 60 per cent to 2.94 lakh individuals and Worldwide, the number of millionaires is set to increase by about 53 per cent in the next five years, reaching 5.3 crore individuals in 2019, according to a study from Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse.

We don’t think about competition with anyone. Even we will be happy that if such more ventures work then finally it will be good for society. We will offer our resources to the beneficiaries for upgrade in their efforts and inspire more to join the movement. Internet, Social media and digital revolution in countries like India at early stage and if we are the first to take initiative with our some USP and win a  trust  about our purity in the society then we can increase our family with strong bonding with every connection who multiplies same efforts.


We will organize both communities so they can be familiar with each other quickly. Indian government has started Digital moment in India so there is good opportunity of creating digital junction to integrate digital beneficiaries. There are few more competitive advantages like affordable technologies, higher teledensity, penetration on digital social network, and as per the new Indian regulation, CSR Spend is going to increase from Rs 5000 crore to 20,000 crore in next one year. It requires 30,000 CSR Professionals in India as per Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs.